Anthony’s Estate Sales

Owning an estate sale business in Grosse Pointe Farms combined with Anthony Jay’s passion for antiques, upcycling and excellent customer service is a perfect fit for our community. As a Grosse Pointe Farms resident for the past 15 years and a frequent customer of estate sales, Anthony noticed an opportunity to raise the quality of services. With previous experience in the resale business and personable approach, Anthony was confident he could compete in the estate sale and cleanout business and offer a fresh approach.

In 2012, he established “Anthony’s Estate Services, LLC” and has been providing excellent service ever since. His skill set brings a professional level of service needed in the community. Anthony’s Estate Services handles all types of sales, including moving sales, downsizing, relocations, assisted living transitions or a death in the family.

“I understand,” Anthony remarks, “that any of these life-changing events can be stressful for my clients. That is where my team and I come into play. I am the sole point of contact with each client during the process. Our clients and belongings are treated with the utmost respect.”

Clean out services: Second To None

Anthony’s Estate Services also provides cleanout services that is second to none. Clean out services include entire estates, storage facilities and remedying extreme hoarding situations. Although some items cannot be salvaged, Anthony ensures donatable items go to charities in our community on behalf of his clients.

Anthony’s Values

Anthony grew up in the small town of Otisville, Mich. around the corner from his grandparents’ farm. Being “green” and “upcycling” are not new buzz words for him. Anthony reflects, “My grandparents grew up in the Depression and therefore were naturally thrifty. They reduced, reused and recycled as a way of life.” He was brought up that it is everyone’s personal responsibility to reduce their environmental impact and not to be wasteful.

Upcycled Piano Bar

One cleanout service provided by Anthony’s Estate Services had an unrepairable piano headed to a landfill. During that time, Anthony was invited to a fundraiser event hosted by Howard Hanna Real Estate for the C.S. Mott Children’s Hospital. With his woodworking experience and eye for design, he transformed a 1940s piano into an updated piano bar to donate for the event. “Years ago, it gave musical enjoyment for one family,” Anthony proudly states, “and now, it’s providing decorative entertainment for another family.” Yelena Pliskina, sales manager from Howard Hanna Real Estate, comments, “Anthony is our team’s preferred contact when providing a solid reference to our clients in need of an estate sale or cleanout. We’re confident Anthony takes care of our mutual clients.… Also, we were incredibly impressed by the piano bar he designed. It was generous of his time and was one of our top-selling auction items!”

Meeting Clients

Anthony enjoys meeting his clients to learn some of the history or stories of their possessions. Anthony says he is proud of the quality of service he provides his clients who trust him to sell their items from their estate. He adds, “There are many estate sale companies out there. Visit one of my sales, and you will see the difference.”

Meeting customers

During the sales, some customers share their plans for their various purchases. Some objects are transformed for a new purpose and other items continue to be used as originally designed. “Either way,” says Anthony, “I am thrilled to be in business to help so many families and to have the opportunity to positively impact our environment.”