I want to thank you kindly for your professionalism in handling the estate sale for our home.  I was very happy with the outcome, and would gladly be passing your name along to my friends.

Sean M.


Tony and his team are outstanding. They tackled the tough job of organizing, cleaning and selling the contents of our parents’ house that they lived in for nearly 40 years. He was professional, extremely kind and understanding. I would 100% recommend this company to anyone!


After our Aunt passed away, we needed to have an estate sale at her home.  Through Google I found Anthony’s Estate Services.  After reading the wonderful testimonials submitted by prior customers I knew right away Anthony Jay would be the perfect person to run our estate sale; I was absolutely right!  After meeting and working with Anthony, I can say that all the wonderful things said about him and his company in the testimonials are absolutely true!  I found Anthony to be very knowledgeable, professional, dependable, kind, and honest; he treated the contents of my Aunt’s home with care and respect.  It was a big undertaking, and Anthony handled everything from start to finish, making it a very easy and stress-free process for our family; the sale was a success.  In addition, my emails and calls to Anthony were always answered/returned promptly; he was always very patient and kind no matter how many times I needed to contact him with questions.  I would highly recommend Anthony’s Estate Services to anyone considering an estate sale, and I will definitely contact Anthony again should we need to have an estate sale in the future.

Terry M.

Estate Sale Testimonial

We were moving from a larger home to a very small condo with no basement or garage.  We had a lot of stuff to sell, along with all of the furniture as it wouldn’t fit in the new place.  I didn’t even know where to begin so I decided to hire a service that specialized in moving sales.Tony came highly recommended so I hired him and it was the best decision I could have made.  The sale was absolutely stress-free for both myself and my husband.  Tony handled everything.  (1) He came over and assessed what we had and what he thought he can do for us, (2) he handled all of the marketing and advertising, (3) he came over several days before the sale and went through all of our boxes in the basement and cleaned what needed to be cleaned (even jewelry that had blackened with age) and set everything up on shelves. He restaged parts of the house so all of the items for sale were visible and clean. (4) He and his team handled the entire two day sale (we weren’t there).  (5) Tony hauled off the few items he didn’t sell which was very little; the house was virtually empty after the sale was over and (6) he cleaned up after he was finished including the basement and garage.  We received a check a few days later with an itemized list of what sold and the amount.  We also got a statement of the items that didn’t sell and were donated for income tax purposes. I can’t even begin to say how much I appreciated his professionalism and the outstanding way he handled this sale.  I honestly don’t know what I would have done had he not taken care of this for my husband and myself.  It was well worth the money to hire him and I HIGHLY recommend his service to anyone that is considering having a moving or estate sale.

Margaret P.

Estate Sale Testimonial

Tony was incredibly respectful, efficient, honest, and creative in organizing and holding our aging parent’s estate sale. His kindness and understanding were deeply appreciated since it is never easy to leave a home after living there for 65 years. He made a difficult transition easier for our aging parent.
Tam N.

Estate Sale Testimonial

My mother was an unrepentant hoarder. When she passed away her house was so packed full of junk

and clothes that there were multiple rooms that were unusable. It was such a mess that just being there

left me overwhelmed.

I then proceeded to have people like Tony in to look at it and see if there could be an estate sale or just

a cleanout. Both people before Tony that came to look at the house spent less than five minutes looking

at it, told me there was absolutely nothing there of any value and told me how much they charge just to

throw out everything. One in particular was so full of condescending attitude. They were clearly just

there to only maximize their bank account by pushing other services, like hard selling a real estate agent,

and comments that can only be described as treating me like a rube.

Tony’s approach was much different and far more impressive. Tony made a genuine attempt to see

what was there. He was open and honest about the items and what he would do if I gave him the

business. He was so impressive that he changed my mind that an estate sale was possible. In fact I was

more concerned that all the time and effort he would have to put in would pay off in an estate sale for

him that any amount the estate received was secondary.

The whole process was worry free and positive. I live several hours away and could not be there; so I just

gave him the key and let him do his thing. Everything he said was backed up 100% by his actions and

results. The estate sale exceeded my expectations significantly and the house was left clean as could be

and ready to put on the market. I found Tony to be excellent in communicating his process, very

personable and having great integrity. My experience was simply better than I could have imagined and

could not recommend a better person to handle an estate sale and cleanout.

David Wigton.

Estate Sale Testimonial

I had a short window to get everything out of my home. When I met with Anthony to discuss an estate sales he was very professional and personable. I felt comfortable discussing my situation and what needed to be done. He talked me through the process and was very patient with answering all my questions as I have never been through this situation before. Anthony handled my home and it’s contents with care and respect. The whole process was laid out clearly without any surprises. Prior to contacting Anthony, I spoke with a few other estate sale companies but they were not as personable. Anthony’s Estate Services was a blessing!


Estate Services Testimonial

After moving my Mother to assisted living, I was faced with the daunting job of cleaning out my childhood home on Balfour. As I walked through the house my Mother lived in for 60 years, I was overwhelmed at the thought of how to sort through what could be sold, what was suitable for donation and what had to be thrown out.

Because we had moved my Mother’s favorite belongings to her new apartment, an estate sale was not the best option. However, there was still some furniture, antiques and lot of china, glassware, pictures and other collectibles that had value. Read more