Estate Sale Testimonial

I had a short window to get everything out of my home. When I met with Anthony to discuss an estate sales he was very professional and personable. I felt comfortable discussing my situation and what needed to be done. He talked me through the process and was very patient with answering all my questions as I have never been through this situation before. Anthony handled my home and it’s contents with care and respect. The whole process was laid out clearly without any surprises. Prior to contacting Anthony, I spoke with a few other estate sale companies but they were not as personable. Anthony’s Estate Services was a blessing!


Estate Services Testimonial

After moving my Mother to assisted living, I was faced with the daunting job of cleaning out my childhood home on Balfour. As I walked through the house my Mother lived in for 60 years, I was overwhelmed at the thought of how to sort through what could be sold, what was suitable for donation and what had to be thrown out.

Because we had moved my Mother’s favorite belongings to her new apartment, an estate sale was not the best option. However, there was still some furniture, antiques and lot of china, glassware, pictures and other collectibles that had value. Read more