Estate Sale Testimonial

My mother was an unrepentant hoarder. When she passed away her house was so packed full of junk

and clothes that there were multiple rooms that were unusable. It was such a mess that just being there

left me overwhelmed.

I then proceeded to have people like Tony in to look at it and see if there could be an estate sale or just

a cleanout. Both people before Tony that came to look at the house spent less than five minutes looking

at it, told me there was absolutely nothing there of any value and told me how much they charge just to

throw out everything. One in particular was so full of condescending attitude. They were clearly just

there to only maximize their bank account by pushing other services, like hard selling a real estate agent,

and comments that can only be described as treating me like a rube.

Tony’s approach was much different and far more impressive. Tony made a genuine attempt to see

what was there. He was open and honest about the items and what he would do if I gave him the

business. He was so impressive that he changed my mind that an estate sale was possible. In fact I was

more concerned that all the time and effort he would have to put in would pay off in an estate sale for

him that any amount the estate received was secondary.

The whole process was worry free and positive. I live several hours away and could not be there; so I just

gave him the key and let him do his thing. Everything he said was backed up 100% by his actions and

results. The estate sale exceeded my expectations significantly and the house was left clean as could be

and ready to put on the market. I found Tony to be excellent in communicating his process, very

personable and having great integrity. My experience was simply better than I could have imagined and

could not recommend a better person to handle an estate sale and cleanout.

David Wigton.