Estate Services Testimonial

After moving my Mother to assisted living, I was faced with the daunting job of cleaning out my childhood home on Balfour. As I walked through the house my Mother lived in for 60 years, I was overwhelmed at the thought of how to sort through what could be sold, what was suitable for donation and what had to be thrown out.

Because we had moved my Mother’s favorite belongings to her new apartment, an estate sale was not the best option. However, there was still some furniture, antiques and lot of china, glassware, pictures and other collectibles that had value.

I phoned a few companies who advertised estate sales and clean-outs and set-up appointments at the house. The first two companies walked through the house and barely glanced at the contents, essentially saying they would throw most of the house into a 30 foot dumpster… with the exception of a few obviously valuable antiques. When they left I was very discouraged and depressed that items I thought could be sold had no value in their eyes.

When Anthony Jay, of Anthony’s Estate Services, showed up I expected more of the same. How wrong I was! Anthony examined the contents of each room carefully. Recognizing the value of some of the furniture, antiques and accessories, Anthony recommended that he remove the saleable items on consignment and place them in upcoming estate sales that needed some “fill-in” merchandise. He said he would donate other items and what was not suitable for sale or donation would go into a dumpster for removal.

On the day of the clean-out, Anthony arrived promptly at 8 AM and we went through the house determining what he would remove on consignment. Within 30 minutes the dumpster was delivered and his staff arrived and went right to work. Some started cleaning out the basement—most of which had to go into the dumpster— while other carefully packed my Mother’s glassware, silver, etc. Anthony separated the antiques he wanted to have appraised and they started loading furniture into their truck. I was so pleased with how much of the contents he removed for sale. After speaking with the other companies, I was afraid much more would go into a dumpster. Anthony recognizes what will sell, has a good knowledge of antiques and collectibles and furniture. He knows his business!

I left knowing my Mother’s home was in good hands and her belongings were being treated respectfully. This was probably the most important thing to me at that moment since cleaning out a family home is such an emotional experience.

When Anthony was finished the following day, I had receipts for donated items, a listing of consigned items and a “real estate ready” house. Floors were mopped, carpet was vacuumed… and they even swept the garage floor.

Anthony turned a task that was so very overwhelming and emotionally draining for me into a positive experience. My deepest thanks to Anthony Jay, and his very capable and caring staff, for lifting a great burden from my shoulders. Now I can concentrate on what is REALLY important… taking care of my Mother.

Adele R. Meyer